Trip, Tier Points and Mileage Run planning by ISTflyer


Propeller Travel is proud to partner with Flyertalk’s ISTflyer –

a real guru of complex fares, mileage and tier point runs


In This Page:

  • Who is ISTflyer?

  • What is the Trip, Tier Points and Mileage Run planning service

  • What’s included?

  • How much does it cost?

  • What happens to my payment if I end up not making a booking?

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Known as ISTFlyer on Flyertalk, with over 10,000 posts, our guru is a seasoned traveller with exceptional skill in researching and planning complex itineraries, maximising the collection of tier points/status miles at the most efficient fare.

Whether it’s a complex work trip requiring multiple tickets or you are looking into a trip to get you over the next airline status threshold, ISTflyer will find the best combination for any booking.

Trip Planning Service

Trip Planning by ISTflyer provides a personal approach to , tailored to your travel requirement.

The service includes:

  • advising you on the most efficient way to build an itinerary for your trip goals

  • Working with you to create a booking using live availability to achieve your schedule, tier point/status miles collection – We will continue to work together to fine tune the itinerary to your needs for up to 30 days from the initial proposal

  • Full booking service, including ticketing and any additional arrangements you require (hotels with extra amenities via our preferred partner programs, car rental, transfers booking etc.)

Service delivery and fees

Planning and booking services by ISTflyer are an add-on service to the Propeller Travel standard offering.

ISTflyer will personally handle your request. After ticketing, the booking continues to have support by the entire Propeller Travel team. 

If email is not convenient, we are happy to to use other means of communication such as Whatsapp 

Your final service fee is dependent on the total number of segments in your booking, and will be charged when your ticket is issued.

The service fees below are inclusive of the standard Propeller Travel services (as available on http://propellertravel.com/fees ) :

Up to 4 segments – £50.00 / $62.50

5-6 Segments – £60.00 / $75.00

7-9 Segments – £80.00 / $100.00

10 – 12 Segments – £100.00 / $125.00

13 – 16 Segments or
Round-The-World booking – £120.00 / $150.00

Adding a British Airways Gold Upgrade Voucher will incur an additional £20 / $25 charge

Get started with your trip planning!

To begin your journey, pay the fully redeemable £50 deposit

What is included:

Carefully constructed itinerary options

Access to negotiated and private rates

Travel booking and ticketing

Schedule change support

No fee for involuntary rebookings that do not require complete replanning

No fee for refund processing (airline fees still apply) 




Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do you require a deposit for this service?

Researching and planning itineraries of this nature is extremely labour intensive and will take our travel guru many hours. Whilst you are not committed to any booking, we do need to ensure this unique service is not abused. If you go ahead with your booking, this deposit is fully redeemable against any other cost.

What happens to my deposit if I end up not making a booking?

Should your circumstances change and you end up not making a booking, 50% of your deposit will be available towards any future booking fee with Propeller Travel for one year from the date of purchase.

How many trips can I plan with one deposit? How long do I have?

Each deposit creates one trip planning case. We will keep working with you to iterate and find the perfect itinerary for your requirements for 30 days from the original proposal we will send you.

How is this service different from your regular service?

When you book a ticket through Propeller Travel, we will book and optimise your itinerary based on the factors that are important to you (schedule, alliance, cost etc). With our complex booking service, we would book any itinerary you provide us from ITA Farematrix, google flights and other similar tools.

ISTflyer’s trip planning service is different. Here, you tell us what goals you are trying to achieve (for example, “My BA gold expires at the end of May, and I have to fly 1200 Tier Points to renew it. I can only fly in March for up to 6 days starting on a Friday, and I’m looking for the most economical way to achieve this”.)

We would then work with you collaboratively and suggest options to get you to your goal, from planning to trip support.