Redeeming your Gold Upgrade Voucher

Propeller Travel Management is a renowned specialist in British Airways Gold Upgrade vouchers, known as GUF 2 and GUF 1.

Let us take the hassle out of a gold upgrade booking, allowing you easy redemption on all itineraries, from a simpler roundtrip to a complex 16 sector tier point run…

The fee for a GUF ticket starts from £55.00 per ticket. No other ticketing fees apply unless your journey has more than 4 sectors. Click here to see the full price list.


To send us your requirements, simply use the below form

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Please add any middle names to the First name field (e.g First name: John James Last name: Doe)
Common examples include "Can depart +1 day -2days and +1 day on the return" | Especially useful for sale fares and complex routing.
We use the names to place a booking on hold for you to review in BA's "Manage My Booking" before proceeding to authorise the upgrade.

Important information - Please read before submitting the form. Last Updated January 2023

Processing fee for a successful booking (the point at which British Airways approves the upgrade) is £55 per ticket (up to 4 segments). For prices of more complex bookings, please see the full GUF pricing information on http://www.propellertravel.com/fees

The service fee is due from the time BA has redeemed the upgrade voucher from your account. If you cancel your booking after the gold upgrade voucher has been redeemed from your account but before ticketing, the service fee still applies. 

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