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Propeller Travel is committed to providing the best possible service and value to our travelers. Whether it is helping you organize an extremely complicated air booking, get you to your meeting at the heart of a city during the busiest time
or arranging that once in a life time journey, our aim is to provide personal touch and find create ways to say ‘Yes’.

Below is our current list of fees. If you are a travel management customer with a negotiated fee agreement, these do not apply to you.

Hotel Booking Services

  • All hotel services are free of charge.

Air Booking Fees [Per Issued Ticket]

  • Air Ticketing – up to 4 segments £25.00
  • Air Ticketing – up to 6 segments £35.00
  • Air Ticketing – Up to 10 segments £50.00
  • Air Ticketing – Round The World
    itinerary, regardless of segment £75.00
  • Ticket re-issue (change / exchange / refund) £25.00

Gold upgrade service fee depends on ticket sectors / complexity

Up to 4 Sectors:          £35.00

5-6 Sectors:                  £40.00

7-10 Sectors:                £57.50

11 Sectors and above:  £82.00

As per number of segments