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Book Hotels, Get Amazon Vouchers

We are proud of our portfolio of hotels offering special amenities when you book through us, however, not all hotels offer extra amenities – but they do offer a special perk when booking through us!   When you book a hotel  that  does not qualify for special amenities, we  will offer you a $7 / £5 Amazon Voucher for each booked night – with no limitation of number of rooms or night booked. 

How does this work? 

Found a hotel rate online you wish to book?  Tell us about it using the Hotel Booking Form.

Propeller Travel is a preferred supplier with all major chains, assuring you receive all your tier benefits when you book through us, benefits you do not earn when booking through the major  online hotel booking sites (eg Expedia, Trivago etc). 

No matter what property, no matter where – if can find it we can book it at the same price you see online, but with an extra £5 per each booked night. The vouchers are paid after check out to your preferred e-mail address, electronically. 

You’ll be surprised how quickly the vouchers add up!